United Transport Service Sailing Schedule

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ACB - Annual Custom Bond
ACI  -  Advanced Commercial Information
ACS -  Atmosphere Control Surcharge (reefer containers)
AGS  - Aden Gulf Surcharge
AMS  - Advanced Manifest Surcharge
AOA  - Angola Operation Additional
APA  - Angola Port Surcharge
APS  - Aden Piracy Surcharge
APS  - Asia Premium Surcharge
APS  - Australian Port Surcharge
ARB - Arbitrary
ARS  - Aden Gulf Surcharge
ASC -  Suez Canal Surcharge
BAF -  Bunker Adjustment Factor
BAS -  Base Freight Rate
BKF -  Bank Charge
BL    - Bill of Lading
BSC -  Bunker Surcharge Intra-Europe
BUC  - Bunker Contribution (ex BAF)
CAF  - Currency Adjustment Factor
CAPIF Coefficient d'Ajustement de la Paritié et Indexation Fuel
CCC  - Container Cleaning Charge
CCH - Chassis Usage
CCL  - Container Cleaning Fee
CDR - Alameda Corridor Charge (Usa)
CGD - Congestion destination
CGS - Congestion Surcharge
CHS - Chassis Surcharge (Usa)
CIS  -  International Security Charge (shipping line)
COD - Change of Destination
COL  - Collection Fee
CON - Congestion Surcharge
CPR 20' Container Premium (for Dalin, Qingdao, Xingang, Yantai, Lianyungang)
CRC -  Container Restitution Control
CSC -  Container Service Charge
CSD  - Congestion destination
CSF  - Container Security Fee
CSS  - Carrier Security Surcharge 
CUC - Chassis Utilization Charge
CUD - Chassis Utilization Charge
CUI -  Customs Inspection
CUS - Customs Duty
CWC - 20' Heavy Weight Charge
CWO - Origin Spain Cargo Wharfage
CWS - Container Weighing Surcharge (pesage)
DCF -  Inbound Documentation Fee
DCF -  Detention Contribution Fee
DCF -  Dangerous Cargo Documentation Fee
DCI  -  Dangerous Cargo Surcharge (Inland Haulage)
DDC  - Destination Delivery Charge (port dechargement)
DDF -  Documentation Fee - Destination
DEM -  Demurrage
DET -  Detention
DGP -  Dangerous goods
DHC  - Terminal Handling Charge - Destination
DIC  -  Inland Hualage to Inland Depot
DOC  - Documentation fee (origine)
DOD -  Documentation Fee in Destination
DOF  - Delivery Order Fee
DOL  - Documentation Fee in Origin
DPA  - Transport Arbitrary - Destination
DRO  - Drop Off fee
DRT -  Dredging Tax (Australia)
DRY -  Dry Bags
DTHC  Destination Terminal Handling Charge
EBAF  Emergengy Bunker Adjustment
EBS  - Emergency Bunker Surcharge
EBS  - Equipment Imbalance Surcharge
ECH  - Emergency Surcharge
ECS -  Emergency Congestion Surcharge
EDI  -  Electronic Data Interchange Fee
EFA -  Emergency Fuel Additional
EFR -  Emergency Freight Revision
EFS -  Emergency Fuel Surcharge / Export Intermodeal Fuel Fee
EHC  - Equipment Handover Charge
EHD  - Equipment Handover Charge at Discharge
EIS  -  Equipment Inbalance Surcharge
EIS  -  Extra Insurance Surcharge
EMF - Equipment Management Fee
EMS - Aden Gulf Surcharge
ENS -  Entry Summary Declaration
EPC -  Emergency Peak Season
EPS  - Emergency Space Charge
EQH  - Equipment Handling Charge
ERC  - Equipment Repositioning Charge
ERR  - Emergency Revenue Recovery
ERS  - Emergency Risk Surcharge
ERS  - Equipment Repositioning Surcharge
ESS  - Emergency Space Surcharge
ETA  - Estimated Date of Arrival
ETD -  Estimated Date of Departure
ETR  - Empty Tank Return
EVP  - Equivalent Vingt Pieds (20') = TEU Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit =
EXP  - Export Service Charge
FAC  - Forwarding Agent Commission - Freight Forwarder Commission
FAF -  Fuel Adjustment Factor
FAK -  Freight of All Kinds

FAS  - Fuel Additional Surcharge
FCC  - Fuel Cost Recovery Charge
FCL  - Full Container Load
FEE -  Feeder Freight
FES  - Fuel Escalation Surcharge
FES  - Fuel Escalation Surcharge
FFC  - Freight Forwarder Commission / Brokerage - Origin
FFX  - Frais Fixes
FRC  - Fuel Recovery Charge
FRO -  Free Out
FRT -  Sea Freight
FTS  - Freight Tax Surcharge
FUM - Fumigation Charge
FUS  - Intermodal Fuel Surcharge
GAC - Gulf of Aden Charge
GAS - Gulf of Aden Surcharge
GEN - Genset surcharge
GIC  -  Gate in Charge
GOH - Garment on hangers
GRI  -  General Rate Increase
HAZ -  Hazardous Surcharge (sur fret ou sur inland)
HBL -  House Transport Document ( House B/L )
HCC  - High Cube Container
HDL  - Lift On Lift Off
HEA  - Heavy Weight Surcharge
HLC  - Heavy Lift Charges
HMF - Harbor Maintenance Fee
HQA  - High Cube (40HQ) additional
HTC -  Heavy Tested Container
HWS - Heavy Weight Surcharge
IBF  -  Ice Break Fee (only to St Petersburg)
ICS -   Import Control System
IDB -  Inland Haulage by Barge/Truck in Destination
IDF -  Inland Haulage by Feeder/Truck in Destination
IDR -  Inland Haulage by Rail/Truck in Destination
IDT  - Inland Haulage by Truck in Destination
IEC -  Inspection Empty Containers
IFP  -  Interim Fuel Participation (= BAF sur Amérique du Nord)
IFS   - Interim Fuel Surcharge
IHE -  Export Inland Rate / Inland Haulage-Export
IHI  -  Inland Haulage Import
IMCO- International Maritime Control Organization
IMO - Hazardous surcharge - Dangerous Cargo Surcharge
IMP -  Import Service Charge
IND -  Inland Destination
INO -  Inland Origin
IOR -  Import of Record
IRC -  Insurance Risk Crisis
ISC  -  Intermodal Service Charge
ISD -  International Security Charge (port)
ISPS - International Security Port Charge
LAS -  Lashing and Unlashing
LCL  - Less Than Container Load (groupage)
LIS   - Logistic Imbalance Surcharge
LOC -  Liner Out Charge
LSC  - Low Sulphur Contribution
LSF  - Low Sulphur Surcharge
LSS  - Low Sulphur Surcharge
LWS - Low Water Surcharge
MAR - Low Surplur Fuel Surcharge
MPF - Merchandise Processing Fee
MTD - Frais de B/L
MUL - Multistop Additional Precarriage
NCC  - North China Surcharge
ODF -  Documentation Fee - Origin
ODS -  Over Dimension Charge (open top surcharge))
OHC -  Terminal Handling Charge - Origin
ONC  - Oncarriage
OPA  - Transport Arbitrary - Origin
OTHC -Origin Terminal Handling Charge
OVW - Over weight
OWC - Over Weight Surcharge / Charge
OWS - Over Weight Surcharge
PAD  -  Port Additional Surcharge
PAE  -  Port Additionals / Port Dues - Export
PAI  -   Port Additionals / Port Dues - Import
PAN  - Panama Canal Transit
PCC  - Panama Transit Fee
PCH - Port Charge (general term)
PCH - Space Freight Premium
PCON- Port Congestion (general term)
PCS  - Port Congestion Surcharge
PCS -  Panama Canal Surcharge
PKS -  Peak Season Surcharge
PNS -  Panama Surcharge
POD  - Port of Discharge
POL  - Port of Loading
POS  - Equipment Positioning Surcharge
PRE  - Precarriage
PRI  -  Primage
PRM - Primage (Turkish fee)
PRS -  Piracy Risk Surcharge
PSC -  Port Security Charge
PSE -  Port Security Charge - Export
PSI  -  Port Security Charge - Import
PSS  - Peak Season Surcharge
PTA  - Port Tax
PUP  - Pick up Charge
RCP  - Reefer Container Plugging and Monitoring
RCR -  Regional Cost Recovery
RCS  - Surcharge Consommation Reefer
RPF  - River Plate fee
RPT  - River Plate fee

RRS  - Rate Restauration
RSC -  Reefer Surcharge
SBC  - Supplementary Bunker Charge
SBF  - Standard BAF
SCC  - Service container charge
SCN  - Suez Canal Fee
SCQ  - Special Commodity Quotation
SCS  - Suez Canal Surcharge
SCT  - Suez Transit Fee
SEC -  Security Surcharge - ISPS
SEP  - Special Equipment Premium
SEQ -  Special Equipment Surcharge
SER -  Carrier Security Charge
SES  - Special Equipment (applies on 20' heavy container selection)
SOC  - Shipper Owned Container
SPD  - ISPS - Security Port Destination
SRR  - Rate Restauration
SSC  - Special Stowage Charge
STF  - Suez Transit Fee
STF  - Stuffing Charges
STT  - Suez Canal Transit Fee
SUR -  Survey Fee
SUZ -  Suez Canal Transit
TAD -  Transport Additional at Discharge
TAX  - Government and Port Taxes
TCI  -  Temporary Customs Import
TEU -  Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit = EVP
TFB -  Tanzanian Central Freight Bureau Fees
THC -  Terminal Handling Charges
THCD- Terminal Handling Charge Destination
THC L-Terminal Handling Charge Origin
THD -  Terminal Handling Charge in Destination Side
THL -  Terminal Handling Charge in Origin Side
THO  - Terminal Handling Charge Origin
TID  -  Taxe Informatique Douanière
TMS -  Tamatave Port Surcharge
TPI  -  Taxe Portuaire Informatique
TRB  - Transit Bond
TRI  -  Tri-Axle Surcharge
TSC  - Terminal Security Surcharge (part of ISPS)
TSO -  Terminal Security Charge
TSUR- Transhipment surcharge
ULF  - Agency/Logistics Fee

USA US Arbitrary
USC  -  Security Manifest Documentation
USF  -  US Inland Fuel Surcharge
WAR -  War Risk Premium
WCO - Origin Spain Container Wharfage
WFC -  Wharfage

WFS  - Winter Feeder Surcharge
WHA - Wharfage
WHF - Wharfage
WHG - Wharfage
WIS  - Winter Surcharge
WM  -  Weight Measurement = UP
WRS - War Risk Surcharge
WSC - Overweight surcharge
XWT - Heavy Weight Surcharge
XXX  - Customs Clearance NM
YOC  - Yard Occupancy Charge