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Intermodal Container Loading Guide ( Blocking & Bracing )

Load and Ride Solutions


Before requesting your equipment for loading, you will want to consider many factors; loading and
unloading facilities and systems, maximizing equipment capacity, as well as complying with all
applicable transport regulations. You will also need to determine if any special equipment
requirements (e.g., insulated trailers, temperature control, special interior fixtures, etc.) are needed
for each load prior to ordering equipment.

If dock access is available at origin and destination, and goods are palletized, closed vans are the
proper type of equipment to order. If lading is of extreme length, and loaded from the side or with
an overhead crane, an open-top or flatbed equipment should be considered.

Quantity and dimension of lading for shipment will dictate size and type of equipment to request.

The load weight limit of the unit must not be exceeded, regardless of the amount of cubic capacity
taken up by the lading. The load weight limit of the equipment can be determined by consulting the
manufacturer’s specification plate on the unit, the Official Intermodal Equipment Register or the
equipment owner.

Highway load limit regulations over routes the shipment will move must be considered during load
preparation along with equipment weight limits. In instances where equipment and highway limits
vary, the lower weight limit will govern the amount of lading to be shipped in a single unit.

no circumstances should a load in excess of 65,000 pounds gross weight be tendered for movement
of a trailer or container on chassis and 67,200 pounds for a 40 foot to 53 foot container.

When appropriate equipment has been positioned for loading, perform a thorough exterior and
interior inspection prior to accepting the equipment for loading.    -  info by BNSF

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