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How is the U.S. government shutdown affecting the air cargo and logistics industry?

How is the U.S. government shutdown affecting the air cargo and logistics industry?


The Area Port Director asked me to send you the following information on the Government Shutdown.

Please note all CBP Officers, Agriculture Specialists, Entry Specialist, Import Specialists, Drawback Specialists, Liquidators, Paralegal Specialists and Seized Property Specialists are exempt employees and are working during the shutdown.

The CBP Technicians and Program Managers are non-exempt employees and they are not working during the shutdown.

Based on the fact that the non-exempt CBP Technicians and Fred Rodgers as a Program Manager will not be at work the following areas will impacted:

In-bond Desk

Bonds and Licensing

Processing FDA Refusals


  • Although Food and Drug Administration import entry reviews are considered an excepted function, FDA has had to furlough over ½ of its staff.  The reduction of administrative report for import enforcement will likely result in delays.  
  • Regarding USDA and APHIS, import inspections should not be impacted by the shutdown.
  • Department of Transportation still operating with funds from the Highway Trust Fund.
  • Roadside truck inspections, for example, will continue because FMCSA money supports the state law enforcement agencies doing the inspections.
  • FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro said in a memo to employees before the shutdown that she did not expect anyone in the agency to be furloughed.
  • Most highway projects involving federal money will also be spared because funding is from the trust fund. The exception is for projects such as the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grants funded by Congress.
  • Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a Sept. 25 memo to employees that DOT had “determined which employees would continue to report to work in the event of a lapse in funding and which employees would be placed on furlough,” Foxx said.
  • Airport operations around the country will continue as usual because, like highways, airports are supported with trust fund money.
  • Rail will however be affected However, the Federal Railroad Administration has no trust fund, so, that agency will furlough employees.
  • Truckload border crossings could see delays as the Customs and Border Patrol will prioritize security of all kinds over speedy freight flows, and will depend on several other agencies’ cooperation to avoid any longer delays, so be prepared.
  • The same can be said about air and ocean imports in the way of delays, since there are many government agencies involved in this process, but additional sequestration kicks up in October, regardless of a shutdown, so this could add to further delays.
  • Carriers are already seeing one critical impact of the shutdown on CBP operations – that is the issuance of customs seals to carrier warehouse and ramp employees.  Customs seals issuance is considered administrative support, and therefore not an excepted function.  It is recommended that carriers work with their local CBP port directors to find an accommodation to minimize the impact on carrier operations.

* Updated 10/4/13