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New : Korea AMS requirements

Attention Air Freight Coloaders :

As you may have already heard, there is a new requirement from Korea Customs regarding the input
of House AWB’s prior to shipments leaving the USA. 

UTS will take care of this for you on your behalf.  

Please be assured that your customer’s information will be heavily guarded and we will make sure to
protect you and your customers info.

** NO need to input TB/Small Parcel shipments
** NO need to input T/S shipments  (for example:  shipments from ORD to BJS via ICN   or shipments
    from ORD to SIN via ICN)

If the information is already in your HAWB or INVOICES then you don’t have to worry.

However, if not, we will need the following information from you in order for your shipment to go out : 


     -     HAWB NUMBER

        -  Company Name
        -  Address
        -  Place / City
        -  State
        -  Country Code  (Either US or KR)
        -  Zip Code
        -  Telephone

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank-you always for your business and we look forward to an even more prosperous 2nd half of 2012!


Export Operation Team